Monday, 11 January 2010

Round 8

Just a few extra uploads:
Same rules as round 7
Rules:Boring but please read.
1) Paypal only.
2) Comment below with your paypal and shipping country & preference (1st/2nd/recorded/airmail/surface)

3) I take no responsibility for items damaged/exploded/lost in the post.  I will do my best to package them up and label them to prevent this happening. 
4) UK Postage will be via Royal Mail second class. (If you want 1st or recorded just say and I'll invoice you accordingly).
5) International Postage.  I'll use airmail where I can although I have heard of some nail polishes exploding so you might want surface mail.  It is up to you whether you choose surface or air mail, but see 4)!
6) Please request even if someone else (if they pull out..)
7) Please pay or return contact within 48 hours or I won't hold the item any longer than that.

Guidance Postage and Packing charges.
UK `£1.75 per item then add 50p per additional item (Add 75p for recorded delivery)
Europe £2.50 per item then 50p per additional item. (Airmail- surface mail is less but slower!)
Rest of world £2.75 per item then 50p per additional item.  (Airmail- suface mail is less money but slower!)

If the final postage and packaging charge is less than the above then I will reflect this in the invoice.

BOTH BRAND NEW and unused.

Boots No 7 Translucent Perfect light powder: Cost £10.50 sell for £9.50.
A great setting powder, comes in screw seal container with powder puff for vintage glamour. Suitable for all skin.

Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow in Emerald Cost £7 sell for £5.50.
Comes brand new complete with applicator.    A lovely green colour- great for brown or green eyes- and some blues eyes.  I just have too much darned stuff!

More to add, but this is enough for now.  Stuff still available from Round 7 and will post together if you want anything.  May also collect purchase if you ask nicely! (When I can get out of the house without getting stuck in the snow..........)

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